Hoybjerg Orthodontics Kids Club

The Hoybjerg Orthodontics Kids Club is specifically designed for kids who are not quite ready for braces, but require regular check ups with Dr. Hoybjerg to monitor how their teeth and bite are changing.

We think it’s cool to see how your teeth change as you grow and we think our Kids Club will be a lot of fun for you! Each time you visit for an observation exam, we will check to see how your teeth and jaws are growing.

In the meantime, hang out with us for some fun activities and earn Kids Club Reward Tokens! You will receive a quarterly newsletter with up-to-date office news, too.

We are always excited to see you again and look forward to a future of big and beautiful smiles and awesome prizes!

Welcome to the Club!

We are so happy you’re our patient and are excited to help you achieve a beautifully healthy and happy smile!

As a Kids Club member, you will be enrolled in our Pre-Treatment Growth and Development Program. You’ll come visit us every six to twelve months, so Dr. Hoybjerg can see how your teeth and jaws are developing. He will make sure your baby teeth are coming out on time and that your permanent teeth are able to grow into their proper positions. This can minimize more extensive and lengthy treatment at a later age.

Earning Tokens

Earning your Kids Club Reward Tokens is fun and easy! Here are just a few of the ways to earn them:

To Earn 5 Reward Tokens

  • See your family dentist every six months for a cleaning and checkup, then bring your
  • Clean Teeth punch card into your next visit with Dr. Hoybjerg
  • Complete any treatment Dr. Hoybjerg recommends or refers
  • Refer a friend to Hoybjerg Orthodontics

To Earn 1 Reward Token

  • Receive Dr. Hoybjerg’s “Excellent” oral hygiene rating
  • For every primary tooth lost since your last visit
  • Wear your Hoybjerg Kids Club t-shirt to your observation visit
  • Participate in a Kids Club online contest or activity

Ready... Set... Rewards!

Being a patient at Hoybjerg Orthodontics has great reward. In addition to a happy and healthy smile, you can redeem your Kids Club Reward Tokens for great prizes!

These are some of the exclusive Kids Club prizes we offer:

  • 10 Reward Tokens – Hoybjerg Orthodontics sports bottle, Hoybjerg Orthodontics backpack, Frisbee, or Hoybjerg F’Real Shake
  • 20 Reward Tokens – $5 gift card for: Starbucks, Jamba, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, Sonic, JanYo, or Dutch Bro’s
  • 30 Reward Tokens – $10 gift card for: Starbucks, Target, Cinemark, Walmart, In-N-Out, Chipotle, Game Stop, Dutch Bro’s, or Ulta

Save your Kids Club Reward Tokens! They can be redeemed as soon as you earn them, or you can save them until you’ve earned enough for the prize of your choice!


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