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Lifetimes of Smiles for Our Friends!

Our smiles, and how we feel about them, affect every part of our life. When we know our teeth are straight and healthy, we feel more secure in our appearance, our self-esteem blossoms, and we smile happily and readily.

If you’re ready to change your life by changing your smile, Dr. Adam Hoybjerg and our team are ready to help!

Personalized Orthodontics

At Hoybjerg Orthodontics, we’re committed to providing a fully personalized treatment experience. This is an exciting time in your life, and we want you to enjoy every step in the journey, from your first visit to the day your incredible new smile is revealed.

While each of us loves helping people achieve their best smiles, we equally love getting to know our patients. Everyone brings their own energy, experiences, and stories to our office. We appreciate the diversity of our days and look forward to every interaction.

The minute you arrive, you’ll be greeted by name and with genuine smiles, and that warmth will continue through each visit. You’ll never feel like a set of teeth in a treatment chair or an anonymous number on a chart, we promise!

Why Choose Hoybjerg Orthodontics?

Making the choice to seek orthodontic treatment is making a decision to change your life. We believe you should be fully informed, supported, and encouraged throughout the process. We are here to assist you and are honored to be your partners.

We provide:

  • Advanced, efficient, and comfortable treatment
  • Continual progress updates from Dr. Hoybjerg
  • Patient education, so you understand what we’re doing, why it’s important, and what comes next
  • A welcoming, friendly environment, where you’ll feel like a treasured family member
  • Leading-edge treatment, delivered by a doctor who stays at the forefront of new technologies and techniques, so you know you’re receiving the best care available!

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

The first step on the path to a new smile is a consultation with Dr. Hoybjerg at our Yuba City or Lincoln, CA orthodontic office. You’ll come in and we’ll talk about the treatment process, and learn what you’re hoping to get from braces. Then Dr. Hoybjerg will perform an initial exam.

He’ll create your unique care plan and walk you through it: explaining what he recommends and why he feels it’s right for you. He and our team will also review financials and timing, and answer all questions to your satisfaction. You’ll have everything needed to make an informed decision about your new smile!

Please call and schedule your consultation today!


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